Case Studies

See how a branding program takes shape and impacts the perception of their identity. 

Cool Pak


Arcadian Medical Management

Conejo Mountain


A logo is the “seed of an oak tree” as the root connection of all the branches it is attached to. Every logo design shown here represents an understanding of a target audience, the trends that influence that particular business and how it should be broadcast in the many channels of exposure available today for all businesses large and small.

COLOR connects on an emotional level that cannot be denied. Proper color usage can maximize the power of a particular product or service.
FORM provides the basic shapes that transmit a fundamental human response. Sharp edges as opposed to soft round curves, shape strikes a chord with humans without saying a word. 

CONSISTENCY in print, web and social media re-enforces the identity and message creating a comfort zone of believability that will stand behind the logo.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service by listening to our clients, hearing what they need and delivering results. 


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