Design without reason is folly!

All worthwhile design efforts emanate from a clear understanding of what the design intends to accomplish. Advertising, Branding and Communication all share one common denominator: their cumulative efforts are directed at informing, persuading and eventually selling a product or service to the intended audience.

My involvement in the the Color Marketing Group for over 20 years ingrained an understanding of three major aspects of the design process; Color, Design Trends and Marketing. Working with colorist, designers, and marketing professionals from all over the world, I developed my own unique perspective on how these varied disciplines can work in concert to present successful solutions to a wide range of design problems.

Color and its effects on human response in marketing communications reaches the target audience on an emotional level that’s speaks above and beyond slogans and special offers. Attending the Disney Symposium in Orlando, FL was a special highlight of the 40+ international conferences held in most of the major cities in North America.

Disciplined in a background of technical illustration and aerospace publication work, planning large projects is one of my greatest strengths. Today, print, web and social media must work together to communicate and unified image and message. My branding experience ranges from mass market consumer products; hardware, toys, automotive aftermarket, to business-to-business categories such as; software development, legal, real estate, manufacturing and professional services.

For a more detailed resume, please look me up on Linked-In or, contact me personally at 805-764 2440 to discuss your design needs. 


Barry Ridge

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