Focus on Branding

Comprehensive Design Services, Color Consultation, Business and Technical Communications. Adept at using strategy before design to ensure the effort meets the specific objectives of reaching, informing and persuading the intended audience. Expert understanding of how color effects human response in marketing communications on an emotional level beyond slogans and offers. Founded on using a background of technical illustration and aerospace publication experience to plan, manage and integrate large projects into a unified image and message. Dun and Bradstreet #929876647.

Membership in Color Marketing Group (CMG) for over 20 years (1985 – 2008) includes attending over 40 international conferences. Chaired committees, including Design Influences, Colors Current, and Design Visions. Elected to the board of directors (1996 -1998). Re-Elected as vice-president of strategic planning (2003 – 2004). My association with this professional group allows for an ongoing educational process, learning from internationally known designers and colorists regarding fads, trends and movements.

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